Media Project

Part of TBB’s curriculum is to have students present a culminating project about a topic researched over the span of Thailand, Cambodia, and India. My friend Eva and I decided to focus on Sexuality, Relationships, and HIV/AIDs. It has been interesting to interview villagers in Don Jiang, Thailand about their exposure to sex ed in school and their openness to homosexuality. In Cambodia, we learned that Buddhists believe that homosexuality comes from too much greed. Interesting….

In India we have focused on gender-based violence as well as arranged marriage issues.


Taj Mahalin’

In India, I have been teaching the cutest boys some Maths and English. Yeah, in India they call math maths. These boys are so eager to learn! We have played hangman about countries and colors and animals. We have played addition, subtraction, and multiplication games with simple numbers like 10 and 4. Here is a picture of the boys 🙂

L to R: Gulshan, Vishal, Lalit, Sultan, Nishu

We also were lucky enough to go to Agra, Uttar Pradesh this past weekend. This is the place of the Taj Mahal. We learned a bit of the monument’s history. The king of the Mogul Empire, Shah Jahan, had a wife who he loved so much that when she died giving birth to their 14th child, he decided to build the prettiest shrine as a graveyard for her tomb.


I cant believe I am heading back to the States in just 10 short days. Bittersweet!


India of My Dreams

Before taking off for Delhi, I had a moment of sudden realization. I realized that I had no idea what to expect, going into a country populated with 1.2 billion people. Just from seeing Slumdog Millionaire, I had a bit of an idea. India has surpassed anything I could’ve ever imagined. I am staying at a host family about 30 minutes away from the school that I am volunteering at called Vidya Papparanka. My host family is Sikh, which is so interesting to learn more about. At school, I have been teaching 6 2nd grade boys maths and english. They are so eager to learn, and for that im eternally grateful. I feel so in my element – and cant believe that in just over a month I’ll be reunited back with my family and saying bye to my TBB sisters!