My Last Week in The Big Apple

I’ve always suffered from FOMO. For anyone who has absolutely no clue what that acronym means, it refers to a  “Fear of Missing Out”. Whether it be not getting the invite to an elementary school sleep over, or itching to sit at the ‘adults’ table at Thanksgiving, I always seem to want to be everywhere, all at once. Recently, I’ve seen all of my dear friends enjoying their first week at college. Via Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, 100% of my peers seem to be having the absolute time of their lives. And then there’s me. A girl who, in just 5 days, will be traveling to Southeast Asia to devote 3 months to studying sustainable agriculture and educational enrichment. When my sister studied abroad in Thailand, she slept on a floor with a straw mat. Going from the oasis that is my comfy Manhattan bed, to a new country, a new city, a new pseudo family, and a new culture will be an interesting transition. I’ve learned how to say ‘hi’ in my host countries’ languages: ‘sa-wa-di-kah’ in Thai,’chromreabsuor’ in Khmer [Cambodia], and ‘namaste’ in Hindi. I’m a hopeless wanderer, a girl who knew she needed to see the reality of developing countries with her own eyes, before examining statistics about those countries in a lengthy college textbook.


One thought on “My Last Week in The Big Apple

  1. Congratulations on the first of many big adventures, Hallie. No walking down the street in headphones, checking for new cat pictures on your mobile. You are living the real deal so take it all in, sister. The sights, smiles, smells, air textures, all of it! I spent 2 weeks in Liberia (before the wars) as a teen and 2 years in Greece as an adult. I still benefit from each. I’m on the list to follow you. Keeping good thoughts for you each day. hugs, Anna Banana


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